Bluetooth for Montelimar’s hospital? Here is why

17 Oct 2019

How to geolocate infusion pumps? Montélimar’s General Hospital asked us and we answered it with a very efficient solution based on Wirepas, a better-than-Bluetooth technology. Why this choice? What consistency with the Apitrak solution?

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Our clients need solutions, not technologies

Clients’ wishes must always be translated into functional terms. Even if the entry point may be a technology, it is necessary to go back to functionality and decision-making requirements to choose a solution. Our role as an expert in geolocation for healthcare is to support you in choosing and implementing the most appropriate solution for your project.

For example, the Montelimar’s General Hospital wants to locate infusion devices (syringe pumps and infusion pumps). What are the constraints? The size of the tag, the maintenance workload (e. g. changing batteries), the accuracy in certain areas, the project workload and the ease of use. At no time the client perceives the technology as a constraint or a prerequisite: technology is a means, not an end.

Which solution for Montelimar’s General Hospital?

The use case described by Montelimar’s General Hospital could not be addressed by our Wi-Fi technology: too big sensors due to high current consumption. We therefore developed a solution based on a better version of bluetooth: Wirepas Mesh. The advantages are very numerous:

  • High update frequency
  • Autonomy
  • Very small tag size
  • Independent of the Wi-Fi network
  • Possible additional services

To obtain these benefits, it was necessary to install “anchors” in the building. In the end of the day, our choice was made because such an infrastructure is easy to set up, without work, very autonomous and inexpensive.

How does Bluetooth fit in Apitrak’s catalog?

Apitrak is convinced of the benefits of geolocation for healthcare institutions: process and purchasing optimization, improved safety, better service for patients and their families and improved quality of life at work.

However, a geolocation solution is composed of several components: sensors (tags), calculation software and platform and user interface software.

With Wirepas technology, we found a better-than-Bluetooth fit for our client. In our solutions range, we have simply added a sensor technology, but the overall solution and its benefits remain the heart of our value proposition.

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